Following is an overview of equipment required to particpate, with Co. K, in the Civil War Battle
demonstrations held at Fort Tejon State Historic Park, off of Interstate 5, just north of Lebec, Ca.
In 2007 the battle demonstrations will be the 3rd Sunday of the month - May through September.

Some loaner gear, in limited sizes and quantities, is available on a first come basis. If interested
click on the "contact us" link to the left and check with a listed member regarding availabilty. Note
there may be a visiting reenactor fee.

Visit the Civil War link on the FTHA website for the latest information on schedules and fees.

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in greater detail.

Items required to particpate in Sunday battles:

     Forage Cap (Type I or Type II)


     Properly constructed kepi, M1858 Uniform (Hardee) hat,

     or civilian hat

     Frock Coat and Dark Blue foot pattern trousers


     Sack coat and Sky Blue foot pattern trousers

     Issue flannel or private purchase civilian style shirt

     Jefferson Bootees / Brogans

     Cartridge Box

must have tins

;  - should have US Plate

     Cartridge Box strap - should have US Eagle breast plate

     Waist Belt w/US Buckle

     Cap pouch

     Model 1861 or 1863 Springfield Rifle Musket


     Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle Musket

     Bayonet and Bayonet scabbard appropriate for type of weapon


Optional items required to particpate in Sunday battles:



Infantry sergeant in dress uniform