The battle of Lake Okeechobee

On November 27th, 1837, with over 1,000 men, Colonel Zachary Taylor left Fort Brooke (Tampa Bay).
On reaching the Kissimmee River he ordered the construction of Fort Garner (just north of Lake Kissimmee).
On December 19th Colonel Taylor left Fort Gardner with just over 1,000 men and proceeded south along
the west side of the Kissimmee River. On December 22nd a stockade, named Fort Basinger was
established. Colonel Taylor left most of his heavy baggage and artillery at Fort Basinger, and proceeded
to Lake Okeechobee. On Christmas day, in 1837, the battle of Okeechobee took place when Colonel Zachary
Taylor, with 1,000 troops, was ambushed by Seminole Indians. Although the US forces outnumbered the
Indians 2 to 1, heavy casualties were sustained. Due to the casualties Colonel Taylor did not pursue
the Indians when they retreated east. American forces returned to Fort Basinger and then Fort Gardner,
where they arrived on December 31st. The site of the Battle of Okeechobee, is located on U.S. 441, east
of Taylor Creek, about 4 miles southeast of the City of Okeechobee.

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